Many of the issues and barriers faced by the clients whom I have served while working in community mental health, are overlapping and highly complex. These include poly-substance addiction, major depression, anxiety, PTSD, dual-diagnosis, personality disorders, and poverty. The nature and severity of these issues, coupled with my clients' limited resources, has resulted in my seeking additional training, and development of creative interventions, to ensure effective treatment. Some examples of areas in which I have received additional training include: working with individuals with lived hoarding experience, working with individuals experiencing psychosis, crisis deescalation, drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and systemic approaches to managing family conflict. While the seriousness of the issues mentioned above may seem highly difficult to manage and address, I believe that with the right working therapeutic relationship and access to resources, most anyone can develop the skills and motivation to work on their recovery.

My background in community mental health has provided the opportunity for gaining extensive and diverse experience working with those who struggle with mental illness.