I received my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and hold a Master of Arts degree in Family Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University. My training in the fine arts, combined with my clinical counseling training, has given me a unique perspective. While not trained as an art therapist, my approach to therapy is informed by my artistic inclinations. Like my approach to art-making, I dive in to therapeutic work in an intuitive way and utilize techniques from a number of different areas. In a therapy session, I will pull from Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Systemic, and Relational therapy techniques, which, if employed mindfully, can result in a thorough and robust intervention.

I believe that the counselor/client relationship is the basis on which other relationships are modeled and made healthy, long-lasting, and whole. Therapy is a process in which all present parties contribute to the ‘work’. Goals are mutually established and are addressed collaboratively.

If you believe that there are areas in your life that are holding you back, are a cause of concern to you and/or your loved ones, are causing unnecessary pain, therapy may be able to help.